Subsidiary of the parent company Poligrafica S.Faustino SpA, Sanfaustino Label is  an Italian firm specialized in products and services related to the label & packaging field.
50 years of experience made it possible to have a deep knowledge of the main categories and industries suitable for labels: food, beverage, biomedical, chemical, cosmetic, textile, construction and mechanics. In such a long period of time a strong team of specialists it has also been created. They’re committed both to a never ending improvement process and the satisfaction of customers’ needs. And especially this improvement, together with innovation, are two of the dearest topics to Sanfaustino Label. Indeed, the company invests every year part of its turnover in research and development in order to make better, unique and more innovative solutions, thus contributing to the success of its clients.

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SANFAUSTINO LABEL SRL, sole shareholder company

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